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Intravino Simposio 2016 al primo posto

For Intravino, our Simposio 2016 is the best Vino Nobile Riserva of the Montepulciano preview

with a score of 96 points, the highest awarded by Andrea Gori to a wine tasted during the 2020 preview, Intravino puts Simposio Vino Nobile Riserva 2016 in first place among the Vino Nobile wines presented during the 2020 Preview.

Santa Caterina 2017 was also present in the selection of best wines tasted, achieving a score of 90 points.

Here is what Andrea said about it, and we sincerely thank him for the esteem he has always shown us:

‘Tenuta Tre Rose Simposio: very young violet and meaty cherry, notes of iron and citrus, yellow peach, Dominican tobacco, a sharpish but sweet palate, very lingering with an emerging polished sapidity. 96’

 ‘Tenuta Tre Rose Santa Caterina: sweet with strawberry jam, fruits of the forest, herbs such as bay and mastic tree, an obliging, sweet and spicy palate. 90’