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The five hills, just one variety

A visit to Trerose gives you a precise idea of what a Tuscan "Estate" really is.

The Villa is surrounded by vineyards extending over five hills, completely encircling it.

I Palazzi, Belvedere, Lodola, Poggetto and Santa Caterina make up the 103 hectares of vineyards almost completely planted with Sangiovese (known as Prugnolo Gentile in this area).      

Our choice was to believe in the Prugnolo Gentile biotype of Sangiovese, which is the key player in our way of working.

In fact, thanks to the richness of terroirs made up of different climates, soils and exposures, this magnificent grape variety expresses a rich diversity that all we have to do is enhance.

The amphitheatre layout of the vineyards

The winery stands out for its unique vineyard layout that highlights the shapes of the hills in this splendid territory and lets the vines enjoy a rich variety of exposures and soils, ranging from clay to sand and silt, and gives the selections of grapes different nuances and notes.

The Trerose vineyards are a modern example of how it is possible to grow vines while respecting the landscape and exploiting its shape with a correct choice of planting direction.
Thanks to this choice, the rows of our vineyards have an AMPHITHEATRE layout which is A SIGNATURE that guarantees the valorisation of this unique area.

Precision viticulture

The contribution of modern farming techniques and tools such as georeferencing, satellite control of the various sections of the vineyard and a natural and sustainable approach (integrated pest management, minimalist winemaking) make Trerose a unique and particularly interesting winery in the Vino Nobile designation.

With this belief, the Estate has begun an important PRECISION VITICULTURE project, using innovative applications to fully optimise vineyard management, grape quality and, consequently, wine quality.

The cellar

The cellar is an example of simplicity and linearity, where commitment is at the service of the product and the cellar workers.

The winemaking part consists of technology aimed at enhancing the several vineyard selections, able to alternate innovative systems with the possibility to intervene with traditional winemaking techniques.

The wood-ageing area is located in a beautiful underground barrel room, where different types and sizes of barrels are used. 100-hl barrels, 30-40-50-hl casks and 300-litre barriques are used depending on the requirements of the various selections.